The Ironism

The Ironism

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September 2008


Evening wrap up


Me, Herr Mürberg and Johanna (E) found a lovely little bar after the dinner. Good stuff. The dinner had quite depressed me, but the bar more than made it up. Free little freshly cooked snack to the beer, on the house. Bean paste on white bread. Tomato and parmeggiano. Avocado. Etc. Damn good!Then there was the initial concert. Well… We fled. I’m sure it was a nice concert and all, but… This was after all our only entirely free evening. The main group stopped and one piazza and me and E2 continued on to the next one. There was wine and beer at the first, and coffee (espresso, naturally) and liqueur at the other.After which… Well, you know the drill :-)It’s been a long day. See ya’ tomorrow.

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