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July 2008


MLP XVIII: Terrorism and Atheism


In no particular order.


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    • Matt
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      Matt Matt


      I would highly suggest for you, and any one else interested to read the book ““The Devil’s Delusion: Atheism and its Scientific Pretensions.” by self-professed secular Jew and mathematics/philosophies teacher David Berlinski.This tells the story of a Jew who was forced to dig his own grave prior to being shot by a German soldier. Prior to being shot, the old Jewish man advised the German that “God is watching what you are doing.” The Jewish gentleman pointed what i think is the real problem with atheism. “If you have the time please check the book out

    • fungrim
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      fungrim fungrim


      Thank you for the suggestion. I find it unlikely that I’ll read that particular book as I suspect there are many much better critiques of “new atheism” out there than Berlinski.As for the quote you use from the review, it repeats the old “we cannot have morals without a God” argument. However, irregardless that this argument is old, overused and in my mind, not very convincing, the setting is almost self defeating: As far as I know, the overwhelming majority in Nazi Germany where Christians, including something like 50% Catholics in the SS. In which case of course “god is watching” didn’t seem to help very much.Also, I must admit, if Berlinski actually said “a book widely considered fascinating by those who did not read it, and incomprehensible by those who did” about Hawkins Brief History of Time, I’m not impressed.