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July, 2008 6

Opera Heroes of YouTube; del Monaco in Tosca

Mario del Monaco is one of the singers I don’t really know anything about. And really haven’t listened to either. But damn, this Tosca recording is awesome. Starts of mellow and moves with the music to a truly stunning peak. Awesome, so awesome.Hat tip to Red-Eyed Jenna for the showing the stuff to me in the first [...]


Signal tapping and stupidities redux

The signal tapping law and discussions have certainly been both interesting and revealing. Here follows a few links for those interested. I’m afraid they’re all in Swedish though 🙂 First out, Sweden as an Echelon node by Rick Falkvinge (leader Swedish Pirate Party). Now, I’d be the first to admit that it feels absurd [...]


Fulufjällen 2-6 June 2008

Introduction The normal gang, ie. yours truly, Marc, R+V was complimented this year by a man called Gustav to Fulufjällen. You never now what the cat drags in, but Gustav was actually a fairly normal person, and kind of cool too, which was a relief… This year I actually know there will be people reading this little travelogue, [...]