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The Ironism

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June 2008


Singaltapping in Sweden…


For those of you that have been trapped under a stone last couple of weeks: Sweden just passed a law mandating the government, using the military organ FRA, to spy on its citizens without the usual “do we think this person is a criminal”-kind of safe guards.Unbe-fucken-lievable.Now, I’m not a naturally political person, but this shit has me up in flames. The stupidity of the idiots in charge is amazing. Let’s take a fall out as example: During the debate before the decision the journalist Richard Slätt of Rix Television, wrote on his personal blog (SE) that several politicians in the coalition could “go to hell”. This is all very well and a sentiment everyone could agree with. Everyone but… Lena Forsman who is chief of communications for Centern (party in the coalition), who wrote (SE) an email of protest to, wait for it, Richard’s boss on Rix… Get this, she didn’t like him telling a number of people to “go to hell”. She belongs to a party that really liked the idea that the government should be allowed to snoop on its citizens at all times. And now apparently she thinks that she’s perfectly entitled to silence him by pressuring his boss.Lena Forsman, you’re a moron and you can go straight to hell, and take all the fascist asshats of our traitorous government with you. And if you don’t like me saying so, feel free to cry foul to my boss. I dare you.

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