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June 2008


The God of Eth


Lately I’ve started reading Stephen Law. Don’t really know why I picked him up, but so far so good, most of the stuff he publishes is very nice. In fact I shall have a look around for his books as soon as I’ve finished my current stack.In particular, his take of the problem of evil, is gratifying, The God of Eth:

This hardly sounds like the behaviour of a supremely compassionate and loving father-figure, does it? Surely there’s overwhelming evidence that the universe is not under the control of a limitlessly powerful and benevolent character?

In short, he uses a fictional dialog intending to show why the traditional religious responses to the problem of evil are at least inadequate, and the dialog does so by referring to an all evil god and showing that all arguments for the all good god can easily be turned around. Read the whole stuff, it good.Which reminds me; and I’ll leave you with a very beautiful lyric:

Credo in un Dio crudelche m’ha creato simile a sèe che nell’ira io nomo.Dalla viltà d’un germeo d’un atomo vile son nato.Son scellerato perchè son uomo;e sento il fango originario in me.Sì! Questa è la mia fè!Credo con fermo cuor,siccome crede la vedovella al tempio,che il mal ch’io pensoe che da me procede,per il mio destino adempio.Credo che il guistoè un istrion beffardo,e nel viso e nel cuor,che tutto è in lui bugiardo:lagrima, bacio, sguardo,sacrificio ed onor.E credo l’uom giocod’iniqua sortedal germe della cullaal verme dell’avel.Vien dopo tanta irrision la Morte.E poi? E poi?La Morte è il Nulla.È vecchia fola il Ciel!

I’ll leave the translation for you 🙂

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