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May, 2008 7

MLP XV: Daylight atheism

Daylight Atheism is written by the man behind Ebon Musings, and it is a very enjoyable weblog, about and for atheism. Well written, thought out and careful; I like it. Here’s three pieces for your Sunday reading: Immanence The Catholic Church: An Immoral Organization Shattering the Myth of Mother Teresa Catholic-bashing might be [...]


Link of the day: Supernova

If I had another chance, or simply a few, say 15, years on my hand with nothing in particular to do, I’d probably study. And.. maybe astronomy. I mean, exactly how cool is it? Very, very much cool. So, without further ado, here’s the link of the day, The Bad Astronomer and the birth of a supernova. Cool? Hell yes!Ok… [...]