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September, 2007 5

And even more deaths

And so Robert Jordan have left us as well. Even though I’m one o his readers that think the Wheel of Time lost it after book 3 or so, I’ll happily give him a good number of credits, and I was waiting for the last installment.Here’s to hoping there’s notes and knowledge enough for a ghostwriter to get on with it.


A little late…

Pavarotti dead? And now Zawinul as well? By damn…Update: Oh yes, a few of my non-opera friends have heard Paul Potts on YouTube and asked me if he was really any good. Well, he was. But for those of you interested, this is how the same song sounded when Luciano sang it. New York, 1980. One of the greatest tenors [...]


New Bass! Who!

Yes! I have bought a new bass. An Ibanez BTB405QM with translucent black finish. 35″ neck, passive pickups, 18v onboard EQ, mono rail bridge (19mm), and dual truss rods. Whee!Can be seen here in all it’s glory.I bought it used from Jam in Stockholm. Somewhat of an impulse buy. I had geared up to import an MTD Z5 from USA, but [...]