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The Ironism

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July 2007


‘Tis the season to be silly…


And here comes a small break in posting. Again. Or perhaps it already has started. Oh… I’m confused.

In any case, since last I have worked and slept. And also made my first ever performance as a rock/pop singer… Eeeek! You see, Viktor had the good taste of marrying. The band for the night was Indigo, with Henrik-The-Former-Boss on bass. And thus: yours truly made a guest appearance in the band, belting my way through Proud Mary, Unchain My Heart, I Feel Good and others. In fact, I stayed on the entire set doing backing vocals and looking slightly silly. And great fun it was!

(I won’t comment on how it sounded as I’m hardly qualified to judge that. Viktor seemed very happy though which was the important bit anyway).

And now? We’ll the mysterious R+V and I are off to the mountains tomorrow. I’ll bring my camera for silly pictures.

Which reminds me: This is how a chamber choir might look on tour in Normandy.

Oh, and as a parting note: This might be the coolest club I’ve heard of for a while, Stockholm Malt & Metal Society. I’m hoping to know someone there, I want to join!

I’m off, see you next week.

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