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May 2007


MLP VII: Consumer JRE!


This years JavaOne announced several important Java technologies. The one that got most initial attention was of course JavaFX. Well, exciting as this may sound I wasn’t alone in wondering how on earth Sun could hope to launch such a technology on their existing platform. Take these bullet points:

As a profoundly specialized server developer (I still have nightmares about the one time I had to dive deep into the source of JTable and JTree, the horror! the horror!) I’ve never been very concerned personally. It has annoyed me on an academic level, as I’ve never understood why Sun just didn’t smarten up and fix it.

So why launch JavaFX now? Well, it turns out someone was a bit smarter than I first thought. You see, there was an announcement made on JavaOne which got drowned out a bit, the Consumer JRE. It would appear Sun has finally granted all our wet dreams. Here. And here.

Wheee! Damn good stuff!

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