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The Ironism

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May 2007


Toasting Karin and Miklos


Sooo, yesterday Karin and Miklos celebrated their wedding. And yours truly acted as toastmaster. The actual ceremony had taken place privately a week earlier ar Thorskogsslott.All is well and all went well. Some 63 guests and a number of children. The party was at Konstnärshuset in Stockholm. Lovely place.I had been somewhat lax in the preparations for this one, which I felt keenly with one hour to go and I still had no real handle on the timing for the evening. Miklos and Karing would arrive aprox. 1730, does that mean we can start the dinner 1800? Or will it take longer? And, really, how many speeches will there be? And how much time do I have between the first course and the second? And what have I forgotten? However, it turned out alright, there was just the right amount of speeches and performances and I kept a running dialog with the cooks and the waitresses which kept the momentum flowing nicely.I did, however, make the noob mistake of hitting the red Bordeaux, Chateuax de Seguin, a little hard, making me loose a bit of edge in the middle of the dinner. If nothing else apparent in my horrible, but rather fun, performance of the opening duet from The Marrige of Figaro which Miklos sister Noemi, pianist Bonita, and I slaughtered to general laughter.There were several really god speeches during the evening.And one really bad speech where I consciously lost edge and improvised a rather bumbling, rambling and strange “speech” from the Club of Mondays, supposedly derived from several disjointed SMS messages I’d received during the evening. All ending in an incorrectly recited version of One who is like an eagle, now formally re-dedicated for the occation, and the authentic quote “I once signed up for a dream interpretation course by mistake”, courtesy of the Matts of all Matts.After desert the party slowly faded out when quite a few of the guests left rather immediately. I hit the bar, and its, frankly quite pathetic, whisky shelf, fairly hard and proceeded to enjoy the rest of the evening. A nice surprise was that I turned out to know quite a few guests, Lars, Marcus, Mio, Lina, Johanna etc. Nice seeing them all.Yes, we have pretty, but mosly dark and out of focus, pictures!All in all? A lovely evening indeed.

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