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May 2007


Places where I’ve lived


I just realized Google Earth has been ported to Linux… Ooooh, it is fun to play with, isn’t it? But anyway, it got me thinking, so for the love of satellite imagery, nostalgia and the sheer hell of it…Places where I’ve lived – In order

  1. Redskapsgatan, Arboga, 16 years (exact hit)
  2. Allmogeplatsen, Västerås, 2 years (exact hit)
  3. Hammarbacksvägen, Västerås, 1 year (west end of house)
  4. Dalarö Folkhögskola, Dalarö, 1 year (wrong house, look north)
  5. Storgatan 105, Piteå, 8 months (house north of marker)
  6. Storgatan 69, Piteå, > 2 years (exact hit)
  7. Nygatan 66, Piteå, 10 months (exact hit)
  8. Sundial Court, London, 1 year (exact hit)
  9. Västra Andersgårdsgatan 7, Göteborg, 2 years (exact hit)
  10. 23 Derwent Grove, East Dulwich, > 1 month (exact hit)
  11. 149 Dudley Road, Birmingham, < 2 years (exact hit)
  12. Eklandagatan 44, Göteborg, 3 months (exact hit)
  13. Adventsvägen 17, Göteborg, > 2 years (exact hit)
  14. Odengatan 36, Stockholm, > 1 year and counting (exact hit)

I’ve only included the places where I lived, that is to say the places which  not just felt like pit stops in my life. As a result, my brothers place isn’t there, nor is the Bed and Breakfast I stayed in for a month or two in Birmingham, etc. But as a bonus, here’s where I spent most of my childhood summers:

As these places appear in many, and very different, phases of my life it is hard to point out any favorites, although… perhaps… Ah, sod it: #3, #6, #9 and #13. OK?

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