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The Ironism

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May 2007


The Big Togethernesses 2007


They came from north. They came from south. The came from west. And the came from east. They all came o the great “sammaträggandet” anno 2007. Representing Vimmerby, Denmark and Finland came Ingrid and Martin. Standing for Ödsmål and the west coast, Sara and Tommy. Marc was there for bloody well everything north of Upsala. Every cucumber had their rights represented by the über babe Heidi. The royal capital was represented by yours truly and the mysterious R+V.

In case you are at this point wondering, these amazing warriors formed the hard core of all hard cores at Luleå University of Technology, Piteå Scool of Music the years (aprox) 1994 – 1999.

The days schedule was, and indeed became, 1) lunch; 2) coffee; 3) amusement; 4) dinner; and 5) getting drunk.

Lunch was had at the café outside the dance museum and across the opera. R+V, Heidi and yours truly was in attendance. ‘Tis a decent café even though the prices not entirely match the quality of the food. But when the sun is shining straight down at you, with the royal caste and the opera in view it’s quite a nice place to sit down.

If only though the damned sightseeing buses would have departed from another place. Every 15 minutes or so a great damn bus would park straight in front of you, and be there for some 5-10 minutes. Not bothering to turn of the engine of course. Clouds and silver linings eh?

The lunch eaters met up with the rest of the gang at the site of 1520’s bloodbath and proceeded valiantly inside Stockholm Stadsmissions café to attack espressos and lattes and old memories in the sun.

Amusement was found at Gröna Lund. Strolling about, taking the occasional ride playing some games. Not at all a bad way to spend the time for some old friends.

Dinner was what everyone waited for though. at least, that was what I waited for. Apparently Freden is noted as the oldest restaurant in the world in original surroundings in Guinness book of records. In any case, that the restaurant has been at he same place, with the same name, since 1722 is quite fascinating. A selection of herring with Västerbotten cheese and new potatoes. Ale braised brisket of beef with fresh onion and swedish “lappskojs”. And finally dark chocolate pudding, milk chocolate mousse, banana and vanilla ice cream. To the herring I had a Visby Pils (lager) and an accompanying snaps (Fredens own snaps none the less). To the brisket I choose, with the help of the nights excellent waiter, a Chilean red, Montes Reserva Merlot. Good choices all around, although the lager was a little weak. The merlot was very good indeed. For the desert I couldn’t resist a 25 YO Bowmore and a double espresso, thus starting the nights whisky drinking (more of which in another post).

The night ended at Akkurat bar where the friends slowly dropped off leaving, perhaps appropriately, me and Marc mulling over our final whiskys and then making our way, quietly through the night streets of Stockholm. Humming, perhaps in your imagination, an old Bellman tune as we made our way through the alleys of the old town.

Säg, är du nöjd, min grannen, säg!
Så prisa värden nu till slut!
Om vi ha en och samma väg,
så följoms åt… Drick ut!
Men först med vinet, rött och vitt,
för vår värdinna bugom oss —
och halkom sen i graven fritt
vid aftonstjärnans bloss!

Yes! We have pictures!

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