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May 6th, 2007 2

Updated whisky library; A mixed slew

Yesterday a few old friends where down in Stockholm for a meetup, dinner and general foolishness. And of course I couldn’t resist having a few drams. So: Bowmore, 25 Years Old Glenrothes, 10 Years Old, Signatory Balvenie, 15 Years Old, Single Barrel And we finished off with the late night dram of all late night drams, the Uigeadahl.


The Big Togethernesses 2007

They came from north. They came from south. The came from west. And the came from east. They all came o the great “sammaträggandet” anno 2007. Representing Vimmerby, Denmark and Finland came Ingrid and Martin. Standing for Ödsmål and the west coast, Sara and Tommy. Marc was there for bloody well everything north of Upsala. [...]