The Ironism

The Ironism

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April 2007


Opera Heroes of YouTube; The one and only Caballé


There’s only one Norma in my mind. I’m not an opera expert, I’m sure Callas did a great job of it, but I doubt this particular role will ever be the same for me. You see, I have this performance on DVD. And… Watching Casta Diva nearly brought me to tears, which is a rare thing indeed. If you’re one of those that scoff at Caballé, having never heard her in her prime, listen to this, listen to the entire piece and marvel at the end notes that never seem to stop.Theatre Antique d’Orange, 1974, and the mistral is blowing (as you can see), the audience is screaming (as would I). A magic night. A magic Caballé. Damn, I love that lady.[youtube=]

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