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The Ironism

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April 2007



It’s probably no great surprise that I’m a reader of Andart, Anders Sandbergs blog. For example, this post is one I totally agree with, and I recommend Brins Transparent Society to everyone. Great stuff. And from the article:

Society needs defences against racism, shoddy research and misinformation. Insisting on protection from ill-defined fuzzy threats opens the doors for a host of potential tyrannical prohibitions. The way to deal with it is of course to debate and show them are wrong. That requires historical debate and public engagement, but it is also very educational to the public debate. It takes far more effort and interest than just instituting bans, and is ultimately more beneficial.

Indeed. Society needs transparency.However, it got me thinking. Whatever’s up with Aren’t there any Swedish transhumanists? Unlikely. Or are they just too buzy to worry about a damn web page? More likely. If anyone knows, do tell. Enquiring minds wants to know.

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