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April 2007


A small easter rant


You know, I never understood this easter thing. Even as a Christian I thought is was pretty dump to mourn on the black Friday. You see, I thought like this at the time:

  1. Judas betrayed Jesus to the romans. Ok.
  2. Jesus gets crucified by the jews. Mind you, not the romans.. Right.
  3. By dying on the cross for our sins, he saves our souls. Uhm… Ok, check.
  4. Consequently, if he hadn’t died we wouldn’t be saved. Seems right to me.
  5. Therefore, it is a good thing he was betrayed and died. Er… Right?
  6. I mean, seriously, isn’t this all a part of the divine plan? And god is almighty? Right?!
  7. So, hang on, almighty? He really couldn’t have not died then?.
  8. Because like, if he wouldn’t have died, the plan for our salvation would have failed.
  9. And, I mean… Really. This is getting strange. Ho hum…
  10. Ahh, sod it. Praise the lord brother.

Nowadays of course, I’d agree with most of it, except obviously step nr. 10. The Gospel of Judas does make a lot more sense than the traditional Christian gibberings in this case. We should mourn that he finishes off his glourious plan and saves our souls? Oh, bugger off. It just goes to show you what inane fantasies we’ve been taught to swallow the last 2k years. Stupid shit.As the t-shirt says: If Jesus comes back, we’ll kill him again.

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