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The lair of Lars J. Nilsson. Contains random musings on beer, writing and this thing we call life.

April, 2007 10

Port Charlotte Goes Phoenix

So, via Whiskyblog I hear that Bruichladdich is planning to rebuild the distillery in Port Charlotte, on the site of the old Lochindaal distillery. Although the entire machinery will come from the defunct Inverleven. In any case, another Islay distillery? Fungrim says hell yes!Hm… Which reminds me, it’s high time I pay my [...]


The tired narcissism of hereditary sin

So, last night I sang at a midnight mass together with St Jacobs Chamber Choir. The darkest night in the quiet week. Right in the plot, the longest dark, where our heroes seems doomed, with evil on all sides and no way out. And it struck me, forcefully, how self-centered and, here comes an ugly word indeed, whiny the religious angst is [...]


The things wednesdays know

Tonight the firebird will rise from the ashes, spring will come again and the son be reborn. Funky stuff. Although, as folk tales go, the execution of Christ seems rather unimpressive. And illogical too, I mean, how on earth is that supposed to save us? And lets see, Jesus gets one day of torment and one day of death and then he’s [...]