The Ironism

The Ironism

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March 2007


My latest Amazon shipment


The CD’s

Nothing too exciting here. I’ve been slightly in love with Alanis since Jagged Little Pill. And the Cooper album is surprisingly good. If you’re one of those that believes Alice was only good in the seventies, you should give it a chance. Birgit+Verdi is a classic to have, let’s not forget she did not only sing Wagner, shall we?

The DVD’s

The Caballé docmentary was very good. I would have wished for more un-intrrupted music though, but it does show without a doubt what an amazing singer she was (and, I’ve no doubt, still is). And what a lovely lady. And what a diva. I love her!

Dream Theater. Live in Tokyo is good. I had it only on VHS before. Live Time, well… I expected the Once in a Live Time album, but on DVD. Of course it isn’t. Hum.. I’m rather dissapointed I’m afraid. I’l give it a chance though.

And PoS, BE. I know very many thinks BE the album is pretty amazing, but I don’t perticulary agree. If nothing else because I did actually see it live, and the album never really could be compared to the full thing. This though, is damn good stuff.

The Books

This list I’m quite proud of. And slightly amazed of. It struck me the other night, that the range of topics and styles is quite… Amazing. Otherwise I haven’t got too much to say yet. I certainly haven’t had time to read any of it through. But I’m looking forward to it. Very much.

I should say something about Richard Miller, but that a topic for several posts in itself only. Let’s just say I’m now the proud owner of his magnum opus.

Popper, Epicurus, Diamond and Kurzweil. Nice quartet, don’t you think?

I expect I’ll have things to say about The Design of Everyday Things, at least I’m very much looking foward to reading it.

Of course, Gaiman / Zulli’s temptation goes and in hand with Cooper’s. Looks slightly trivial, but… Damn, its Gaiman and Cooper. At the same time! What can go wrong?!

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