The Ironism

The Ironism

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February 2007


Working with Eric Ericson Chamber Choir


I spent the evenings this week working with Eric Ericson Chamber Choir. For those of you not in the know, it is one of the most influencial chamber choirs in recent memory, as well as one of the absolute best. In the world.We did Brahms Requiem together with the Royal Philarmomic Orchestra. Peter Mattei (!) and Henriette Bonde-Hansen sang the solo parts. Marc Soustrot conductet.Reviews here (in swedish): DN, SVD.Peter Mattei was of course terrific. Splendid voice. And he sang it very straight, letting the music through and used only small effects to underline the text. Very nice indeed.Working with EEKK was a lot of fun. I havn’t been in any so obviously professional choir since I left the Gotheburg opera. Being back in the ranks with the professionals was nice. They also had a very good rehearsal dicipline that I enjoyed. No small talk, lets just sing. Arne Almroth led the choir rehearsals. Nice chap, good work.I also got to meet and sing with my old friend Eva again. Wheeee!All in all: splendid stuff.

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