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February 2007


Pain of Salvation Live


So, I went to see Pain of Salvation live in Gothenburg last Sunday. It’s no big secret they’re one of my favourite bands, although I hesitate to call myself a “fan”. You see, I went to senior high school with Daniel Gildelöw, I have one of the earliest demos on tape from that time, and I actually bought their first album – Entropia – by transfering money to Daniels bank account after which he sent me an album. I feel like I’m a bit… *shrug* beyond fandom.First off, I was aiming for Cafe Caprese for a spot of lunch. However, as it was 5 minutes untill they was to open we investigetad why there was a lot of people in CD-Specialisten across the street. As luck would have it. That was because Pain of Salvation was to sign there, as well as play a short accoustic set. The set was mostly for the fun of it and there’s not much to say about it, if you’re interested you should listen to their album 12:5, which is completely accoustic. But when we had eaten, PoS was finished signing and I caught Daniel to exchange a few pleasantries. But not about the weather.The show was later in Musikens Hus. Nice club feeling. Or was it the few stiff ones I had before? Damn, it is so hard to judge that sort of stuff.Anyway, the setlist was:

Apparently, we got to hear “Song for the Innocent” instead of “Cribcaged”. That was too bad as the energy in the middle of the concert sank a little too low. Otherwise, a very good show. They do give a lot on stage, the energy was terrific. I personally would have liked to hear “Spitfall” and “Cribcaged” or “Enter Rain” from the new album played live. And “Hallelujah” was a rather strange choise, the song is popular in Sweden thanks to a certain Peter Jöback but in a Swedish translation and it’s… Absolutely awful. However, Daniel did get a few points in my book with the comment after the song: “This was a song about religion by Peter Jöback. Or it was a song about sex by Leonard Cohen. I can never remember.” Classic. Also the sound was not top notch. I experiemented with ear plugs, but they cut of everything between the highest trebble and the lowest base no matter how I used them. I believe the sound lacked middle register and as a consequence it didn’t feel as tight, nor as “punchy” as I would have liked it.That’s nitpicking though. T’was a very good show.

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