The Ironism

The Ironism

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February 2007


Opera Heroes of YouTube; Bastianini in Forza; 1968


Man… This is magic. Ettore Bastianini, 1958, and Urna Fatale. The entire production can be bought on DVD. Corelli, Tebaldi, Bastianini, Christoff, Capecchi. I used to have it, but stupidely forgot it on a train ride from Lund to Stockholm. I am going to buy it again. Great, great, great stuff.This is where I realized axactly how good Bastianini was. Wait until the cavatina starts (at 4.20 or so), it is almost magical. It does sound as if he’s singing on a slightly too high pressure level at the start though, and if that was generally the case, it might explain why I’ve never really liked him before seing this DVD. Granted, though that I hadn’t heard him very much before it, so that’s highly subjective.[youtube=]What a voice… Oh, and be sure to listen to this as well. Turn up the trebble on your speakers and you’ll go deaf. What a voice…

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