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The Ironism

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February 2007


Opera Heores of YouTube; Wixell in Tosca; 1979


Well, well, well. I hadn’t dawned on me that YouTube was actually being used by Opera-fans as well. Thanks to the Drakmiklos for the tip. Let’s start exploring shall we?I have to start with Wixell. Those of you who now me well, will not be surprised.Tosca, ‘Te Deum‘. Hum, of course. This isn’t the best I’ve heard him sing, some of it comes out with a vibrato with slightly to high amplitute/low frequency for my ears. But that’s nitpicking. Lovely stuff. Listen to his “throw-back”, the echo of his voice in the auditorium. Wheee! If you haven’t heard him sing the part, here’s a starter.Update: The link above no longer works, but here’s the torture scene from the same recording. You get Caballe as well. A bonus![youtube=]1979. From Tokyo? With Carreras and Caballe. Same cast as the 1976 Philips recording. Which, incidentially, is the first Opera CD I ever bought. And perhaps still the most listened to.Update: Ah damn, you’ll get a double tap with this first post in the theme. From the same performance, Carreras in ‘E lucevan le stelle‘. By hell! Surprising amount of “body” in the middle registers. Good stuff![youtube=]

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