The Ironism

The Ironism

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February 2007


Val Thorens


The former Poker team from Tain AB on conference in Val Thorens. Brilliant stuff. There can’t be many places in the world were you can take a team of programmers, go to the alps, and expect everyone to be able to ski. But in Sweden and Norway you can. And these guys could ski.Being geeks, we didn’t party as hard as expected on a “skiing-charter-trip”. Instead we had LAN-parties (yes, we brought a wireless router) were we played Command and Conquer and Trackmania. We also played a board game called Robo Rally where you “program” robots to move and act across a board. Great stuff, but our guide hardly believed his eyes when he checked in on us the second night to find a small apartment jam-packed with geeks, two routers and a heap of laptops. He literally stod stunned for a minute and then stuttered “Oh… This is… I’ve never seen anything this gross” (free translation from Swedish).I did bring a camera, but it didn’t like the snow, even when I figured out to use the “snow and beach” setting to compansate for the light. What I took, you will find here. But it is not too hard to spot the Mount-Blanc massive.Viktors pictures are better, and you’ll find them here.

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