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January 2007


Earth to Steve Jobs: Hello?


So. Apple is releasing a phone. Whoho! Stop the presses! Everybody will want one! Form a queue! My god, I love Steve Jobs, what a genious! Hurrah!

Except… It doesn’t take long for you to remember what Apple is usually about. And if threatening bloggers isn’t bad enough: Hello Steve?! You do know that LG has already won a desing price for something quite iPhone like, don’t you?

Anybody home?

But we’re not through yet. As everybody knows Apple loves DRM (think iTunes) and DRM loves Apple (or at least almost, if it iTunes was just a bit more restrictive that is). So obviously the iPhone is going to be closed for 3rd party apps. I mean, why share when you can try to eat it all yourself? It must be perfectly ok to launch a device with no unique characteristics what so ever on an already mature market, and do so with closed specs. Obviously a smart move.

Which also means that of course it is not going to run Java, because, and here’s from the man himself:

Java’s not worth building in [the phone]. Nobody uses Java anymore. It’s this big heavyweight ball and chain. 

Anybody home?!

What a reality distortion field the man must live in. Nobody uses Java anymore? You mean apart from the aprox. 4 billion devices that have it installed already? Of course, one can easily imagine that for someone from Apple, the number 4 billion feels imaginary and completely unthinkable, and therefore Sun must be wrong…

Anybody home? Aparently not.

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