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January 2007


Surprise of the Day: Ada 2005


Look what happends when I don’t pay attention: Ada 2005 is almost finished! Whee!I admit to having a soft spot for Ada. There were things I really liked, like type safety. But a couple of small things hit me hard, and I never really got into the language because of them. For example:

  1. No “java-like” interfaces. Being a Java nerd I like those. I know you could use abstract tagged null records. But…
  2. The subroutine (function) call syntax. Ada derives from Pascal, and the sytax is not what is considered OO “standard” today. That is: Ada uses the MyPackage.myFunction(myOject, …) variant.

And now? By damn, both the two issues above are gone. Now you can call myObject.myFunction(…) like you’d do in Java and C++. And you can have interfaces. And “not null” access types. And…This seems neat. Here’s a rationale in PDF format for all you nerds. I havn’t read all yet. But so far it seems promising.Hum… Maybe I should pick up that chess engine I started in Ada 95 a few years ago and give it a new whirl? Ho-hum…

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