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January 2007


Quote of the Day; Richard Morgan


I’m reading Richard Morgans Woken Furies at the moment. Godd stuff. His Altered Carbon was a brilliant first novel. This is more mature, slightly slower, but better. So here’s some Takechi Kovacs for you. On theists ignoring the bad sides of religion:

Many of you cringe along in complience, hoping to peel something of worth from the less phycotic directives of you genocidal belief system because you don’t have the wit or nerve to build something entirely new.

Whee! Ok, I did change the qoute somewhat. I changed one character to make it more general. Can you find the caracher I switched? Here’s another, targeted towards a pregnant woman who claims to freely choose an opressive male dominated religion (like christianity or islam):

I’m calling you a gutless betrayer of your sex. I can see your husbands angle, he’s a man, he’s got everything to gain from this crabshit. But you? You’ve thrown away centuries of political struggle and scientific advance so you can sit in the dark and mutter your superstitions of unworth to yourself. You’ll let your life, the most precious thing you have, be stolen from you hour by hour and day by day as long as you can eke out the excistence your males will let you have. […] You’ll do all of this because of your fucking faith, and if that child in your belly is female, then you’ll condemn her to the same fucking thing!

Classic! Takechi Kovacs is not a nice man at all, not at all, but the rant above is well worth the ride.

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