The Ironism

The Ironism

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January 2007


2006 Retrospective


I spent new years eve with V+R and guests. They had this little “game” for the evening. Month by month everyone attending had to detail what they had done that particular month. Quite interesting actually. And even though my memory isn’t the best (I mean, who remembers what month easter was in? eh?) it made me realize that I’ve been wuite buzy after all.So without further ado, here’s some of the things I did 2006:Moved from Gothenburg to Stockholm. Started a new job (Tain). Started in 2 new choirs (St Jacobs Chamber Choir and Gustaf Sjökvist Chamber Choir). Subsequently left one of them (Sjökvist). Left Pro Musica Chamber Choir. Sang on the kings 60th birthday. Spent some time in Budapest. Toured Germany, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Did 3 tours in Sweden (Tällberg, Leksand, Växjö, Helsingborg, Stockholm, Mamlö, Gothenburg etc). Became press secretary / webmaster / lighting designer / driver for Båstad Chamber Music Festival. Went hiking 2 times (Hemavan, Grövelsjön). Left a job (Tain). Started yet another job (NetEntertainment). Recorded Missa Lorca by Corrado Margutti (including the solo baritone voice). Did a total of 18 christmas concerts.And so on…It’s been a good year.

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