The Ironism

The Ironism

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October 2006


The Club of Mondays – 3rd Anniversary!


And so the ultimate home away from home turns 3 years. Celebration is in order! In attendance, in order of random selection:

Also featuring special guests “Matilda” and “Christian”. Please note that these aren’t their real names though.First order of the day, Moet et Chandon! My god, I think I created a monster. The one bottle of champagne was soon followed by 6 bottles of sparkling. Wheee!3 years ago, me and Mr Jones founded this damn thing. And since, The Club of Mondays have only missed one single monday where sickness and job related shore leave left the Stage Door empty. That makes… One hell lot of mondays.And Mr Jones have only missed 3 occasions. Count ’em: 1-2-3. Good gracious me.It is funny, a lot of people have passed by during the years. At times it would be Mr Jones and me only. And at other time some 15 people. Lovely people. Lonely people. Lovesick people. All kinds of people. Friends and family. Amazing strangers and quiet guests. Loud opera singers and forlorn conductors. And yet, the core remains.Hang on! What fool ordered another bottle of sparkling?!And among the nights attendances where indeed several hard core members: Redeyed Jenna, Mr Jones, yours truly, Drakmiklos and The Matts of all Matts. Amazing stuff. (Can you remember the amounts of laughter we’ve had? The tears? I certainly can.)At this point, our collective thanks to The Stage Door. It wouldn’t be the same anywhere else. (Damn! We forgot to invite Mother and Thomas to the festivities. Well Mama, if you read this, know that we love you).That fish was really good. And, so I heard, was the meat. And as usual: the best hamburger in Gothenurg made it customary appearance on the table. Next anniversary, we’ll buy some flowers for cooks.And there was singing. Although I think it was by mistake and was widely regarded as a bad move from the rest of the table.Yes! We have pictures. Hurray!And so the night went.

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