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September 2006


CMS Hell; Part IV; Blandware AtLeap


This is a series of post starting here, in which I look at different CMS installations and despair.AtLeap is a relatively new CMS from Blandware. Despite it seeming a bit immature, I was intrigued enough to install it simple because 1) it was easy; and 2) it screams “multilingual” at you at it’s front page.The Good

The Bad

ConclusionI admit not spending too much time on AtLeap. It is obviously somewhat immature. I imagine it would be a very good base for larger projects with a lot of custom development, you get the goods right at you door and don’t mind writing your own themes and extensions. As it is, I probably won’t have time for it.

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    • anton kurniadi
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      anton kurniadi anton kurniadi


      Amen, IMHO Atleap’s admin GUI is really a disaster. It’s very hard to get the sense of it, since no tutorial or quick guide to build a simple website. Hope i can get the sense real quick since I’ll have to build a website using Atleap.