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The Ironism

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September 2006


CMS Hell; Part I;”The introduction”


Båstad Chamber Music Festival wants a new web site. And who can blame them? But naturally it should be a CMS of some sort. Thus the task for the weekend was: Find a decent CMS to use. This turned out to be cumbersome and boring.These were my requirements when I started:

I would also like, but do not require:

I absolutely don’t want:

Check the next post for our first contendant, Joomla!

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    • Will Ezell
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      Will Ezell Will Ezell


      Try dotCMS -http://www.dotcms.orgdotCMS is a mature web content management system that uses the Liferay Portal as a back end. dotCMS has an AJAX based file browser, virtual hosting, allows you to build reusable content structures, events calendar, click tracking, etc… etc…