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The Ironism

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September 2006


Does god protect you from sting rays?


It was bound to happend:

Yes, we now have confirmation of Steve Irwin’s decision for Christ.

I want to inform Creation Ministries International, that Steve Irwin became a born again Christian two and a half weeks ago at the Kings Church AOG Buderim, Queensland Australia, going forward publicly before the congregation to ask Christ to become his Lord and Saviour.

Many of us will now spend eternity with him. I am sure Terri is comforted as a Christian in the fact that she will be with Jesus and also Steve again for eternity. Steve declared the day before he died that he was the happiest he had ever been in his whole life.

Note that this story is still “undetermined” by Snopes but… Even linked in christian sources encourages people to not fall for it. My bet is that this is a false rumour, anyone against?But even if it is true it makes sad reading. Someone is using the death of another human being, a human being with family and friends who loved him, to advance christianity. It is a sad and ugly thing to do. Especially as this doesn’t seem clear cut, there may be many who take comfort in such an email, and should it turn out to be false… Let’s just say I despise poeple sending such emails quite a bit. The originator may well have sent it in good faith but even so; it’ll just be another example of the rotten moralty of christianity.

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