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September 2006


Black currant snaps


So, I went to a crayfish party yesterday with St Jacobs Chamber Choir. It was actualy my first kräftskiva in a very long time. Just to be on the safe side I brought along an extra bottle (75 cl) of my own black currant brännvin for the snaps. It disappeared in no time at all, my boy, that is one thirsty choir.So I guess my headache is justified today.Anway, in order for you all to feel like I’m doing today, here’s how to make your own black currant brännvin:

  1. Find a good brännvin to use as base. Everyone I have ever talked to use swedish Brännvin Special. If you use something else, remember that you want a clear, dry, no extra “taste”, brännvin with something like 30% strength. If it is stronger you can add water to take it down.
  2. Empty the berries in a closable container. Pour brännvin over them. Just enough to cover the berries. Close the container and put it out of the sun for a week.
  3. You should now have a very strongly colored liquid. Almost black. Filter away the brännvin from the berries into a bootle. Now the berries are done, my suggestion is to serve them with ice cream to your friends. Just heat them slowly while stirring in some sugar. Serve hot. Bliss!
  4. Close the bottle and leave it for some 4 months at a calm place. This is for any dust escaping your filter to settle at the bottom of the bottle. When it as setled, gently decanter the brännvin, taking care to exclude the dust.
  5. Almost there. The result sould be very strongly colored. But it is not the finished product. You need to mix it with more of the brännvin you started with to achieve a good balance between berries and spirit. For black currants you can use about 1 third black current brännvin and 2 thirds new spirit. Altough the bottle I had yesterday was 50/50 which worked nicely as well. It is a mater of taste. You’ll need to try different variants to find the level that suits you.

There you go. Oh, that reminds me: I still have some blue berries, juniper and pors (sorry, I havn’t got my english dictionary at hand) to try out. Excuse me for a moment…

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