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Backpost: Abisko -> Kebnekaise 2009

I was about to set down this years trekking memories when I realized I have not documented all of last years trips. Oh my… So I’d better do that then eh? My memory being what it is, this is the trip me, V+R did between Abisko and Kebnekaise last year. We’d decided to Kungsleden one bit after another and also that we go [...]


Abisko 8-11 July 2009

Introduction Thanks to Carina and Gustav I finally got together the n00b trek I’ve been speaking about for a while. So, Yours Truly, Carina, Gustav and to my happy surprise also Jennyann (also known as Red Eyed Jenna elsewhere on this blog) went for a short hike in the Abisko range in the beginning of July. Yes, we have pretty [...]


Grövelsjön 4-7 September 2008

Introduction I have talked about walking alone for some time now… Actually, since I first started hiking the Swedish mountains. But I never got around to it. Until now. Since this would be my first time up alone, and also because I was on a bit of a budget, I decided to go back to Grövelsjön again. Easy to get to cheaply and also [...]


Fulufjällen 2-6 June 2008

Introduction The normal gang, ie. yours truly, Marc, R+V was complimented this year by a man called Gustav to Fulufjällen. You never now what the cat drags in, but Gustav was actually a fairly normal person, and kind of cool too, which was a relief… This year I actually know there will be people reading this little travelogue, [...]


Fulufjällen next

Wednesday, me, R+V, Marc and the mysterious Gustav will do Fulufjällen for 4 (½) days. Am I looking forward to it? Oh hell yes. For reference, this is my pack list for the year. Clothes Socks (2 pair thick “boot socks” and 3 pair ordinary sport socks) Boots Sneakers (for camp and wading) “Layer 1”, leggings and [...]


Grövelsjön 19-22 July 2007

Introduction Again off to Grövelsjön. This year R+V and I had really expected to go somewhere a bit north, but time constraints (largely mine, due to a new company) made us return to Grövelsjön, this time to go into the Norwegian mountains. Here’s some of the equipment I used for this trip: Haglöfs “Solid” boots. Hilleberg “Akto” 1 pers. [...]


Val Thorens

The former Poker team from Tain AB on conference in Val Thorens. Brilliant stuff. There can’t be many places in the world were you can take a team of programmers, go to the alps, and expect everyone to be able to ski. But in Sweden and Norway you can. And these guys could ski.Being geeks, we didn’t party as hard as expected [...]


Grövelsjön 9-10 Sept 2006

Introduction Well then, a two day trip to Grövelsjön is on the agenda. The idea was R+V’s although I had talked about getting up in the mountains one more time this year. The plan was to take it easy, stay at Lövåsgårdens Fjällhotell (hotel) the first night and then get out Saturday. Be back at the car Sunday late afternoon again. [...]