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Stardusted Rant

Sooo, Gaimans Stardust is becoming a movie. Wheee!But, they show the trailer on Yahoo Movies only. Booo!But what kind of retarded moron of inbread stupid som-of-a-manager put it on Yahoo Movies, the worst movie site ever to be created?! I mean, mixing Flash and ActiveX (?) to embed Windows Media Player? What a great idea!! [...]



Hacknot has put together a good article on the rise of the “dynamic” languages as we see it in publiscations all over. Ruby is the new shit. Or, as it may well be, not. Well worth reading. I liked the article. The points are well made, and I wish I had expressed many of them myself. And it flows with an hilarious sarcastic [...]


My latest Amazon shipment

The CD’s Alice Cooper, The Last Temptation Birgint Nilsson Sings Verdi Alanis Morisette, So Called Chaos Nothing too exciting here. I’ve been slightly in love with Alanis since Jagged Little Pill. And the Cooper album is surprisingly good. If you’re one of those that believes Alice was only good in the seventies, you [...]


The Poor Common Man

When my Intertubes was down, I walked across the street to the local 7-11 and used their surf stations for a while. I’ve ben using Firefox with a popup-blocker, and ad-blocker for quite some time now. But obviously the computers I used yesterday had only IE7 with no popu-blocking and all ads promptly displayed. Damn, that was an [...]


A man joins NetEnt, a man leaves NetEnt

Sooo… After just 3 months I have left NetEntertainment AB. My friends will already know about it, but paralell to my employment at NetEnt, me and 3 friends have slowly rolled our own ball. And now we’re hoping it will have enough momentum for us to hop abord and tag along for a ride.Our company have already a very limited [...]


Earth to Steve Jobs: Hello?

So. Apple is releasing a phone. Whoho! Stop the presses! Everybody will want one! Form a queue! My god, I love Steve Jobs, what a genious! Hurrah! Except… It doesn’t take long for you to remember what Apple is usually about. And if threatening bloggers isn’t bad enough: Hello Steve?! You do know that LG has already won [...]


Surprise of the Day: Ada 2005

Look what happends when I don’t pay attention: Ada 2005 is almost finished! Whee!I admit to having a soft spot for Ada. There were things I really liked, like type safety. But a couple of small things hit me hard, and I never really got into the language because of them. For example: No “java-like” interfaces. Being a [...]