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Word of the Day

I admit to being a little slow today. Mainly on account of ending last night with two Chimay’s and another beer I can’t really remember but that was equally strong. Quite stupid actually.Anyway, here’s the word of the day, by way of Jonathan Stroud: Rubbishness. And a brilliant word it is.


Terry Pratchett Quote of the Day

Again from Going Postal. The book is stock full of stealth philosofy. Here’s a conversation which should be of interest to any moderate theists: “Alright, alright, I really didn’t want to go into this, but it’s against my religion,” said Moist, who’d had time to think. “We’re forbidden to [...]


2 Minutes to Midnight

Oh, hell. I was going to resume posting with a summary of my week in Val Thorens. But… The world has a way of fucking you up. Seriously.So here’s a lyric instead, courtesy of Iron Maiden (Smith/Dickinson): Kill for gain or shoot to maimBut we don’t need a reasonTo Golden Goose is on the looseAnd never out of seasonSome [...]


Sam Harris Quote of the Day

On the subject of the bible, and improvements thereof: You and I both know that it would take us five minutes to produce a book that offers a more coherent and compassionate morality than the Bible does. Did I say five minutes? Five seconds–just tear out Leviticus, Deuteronomy, Exodus, and 2 Samuel from the Old Testament, and 2 [...]


Daniel C Dennet Quote of the Day

If you don’t know who Mr Dennet is, don’t worry unless 1) you like philosofy, and in particular, the philosofy of mind; and/or 2) you happend to be a christian. Personally, I like him a lot. Here’s a short quote I found amusing, especially if applied to, say, pseudo-science and its likes: Imagination is cheap, as long [...]


Quote of the Day; Richard Morgan

I’m reading Richard Morgans Woken Furies at the moment. Godd stuff. His Altered Carbon was a brilliant first novel. This is more mature, slightly slower, but better. So here’s some Takechi Kovacs for you. On theists ignoring the bad sides of religion: Many of you cringe along in complience, hoping to peel something of worth [...]


Carl Sagan; A Tribute

Really, I don’t have much to say. I’m not a scientist. I’m barely a sceptic. And I certainly cannot express myself on any level even aproaching that of the late Carl Sagan. But there is a blog-athon. Go there. Read what far smarter people than me have to say. And if you by chance have not read The Demon-Haunted World: [...]