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Back in Town and Stinking of Whisky

I spent the Weekend at Torpshammar with St Jacobs Chamber Choir. And would you believe it? The proprietors were all whisky fanatics. Or sort of anyway. And they had this thing for Duncan Taylor & Co Ltd. Which is, of course, completely understandable. So, among other things I tasted: Invergordon, 39YO (Grain / Highland / Duncan [...]


Edge; World Question Center 2007

If you don’t read Edge regularly, perhaps you should. I find it is often a very nice source of thought. And what blew me away the first time I visited the site was The World Question Center. Here’s the idea: Garther a bunch of brilliant achievers and ask them a general, deceivingly simple question. Easy. And interesting.This [...]


2006 Retrospective

I spent new years eve with V+R and guests. They had this little “game” for the evening. Month by month everyone attending had to detail what they had done that particular month. Quite interesting actually. And even though my memory isn’t the best (I mean, who remembers what month easter was in? eh?) it made me realize [...]


Carl Sagan; A Tribute

Really, I don’t have much to say. I’m not a scientist. I’m barely a sceptic. And I certainly cannot express myself on any level even aproaching that of the late Carl Sagan. But there is a blog-athon. Go there. Read what far smarter people than me have to say. And if you by chance have not read The Demon-Haunted World: [...]


A first beginning

This is a first post. Actually, I started this blog a year ago, but discontinued it almost immediately. I just wasn’t up to it. This time, here’s the agenda: Atheism: The why’s and the how-to’s. Sceptisism: Because everything isn’t gold on the other side of the horse. Programming: Java, C++, C, Ada, Lisp, D [...]