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Time’s up. Again.

Blogging will now continue normally. At least to a certain degree of normality. Many of the things that have kept me away will be mentioned in separate posts later, but for now, here follows a list of show stoppers in no particular order: several concerts with various vocal ensembles buying my first own apartment being on tour with St [...]


Who are you guys?!

Really, I’ve seen a lot. You really don’t have to be ashamed of being… different – but on the other hand, this pick of search phrases that have been used in arriving to this blog the last two days is… Just a little, little bit disturbing you know? bastianini live performances on dvd sin of narcissism Encode [...]


It’s probably no great surprise that I’m a reader of Andart, Anders Sandbergs blog. For example, this post is one I totally agree with, and I recommend Brins Transparent Society to everyone. Great stuff. And from the article: Society needs defences against racism, shoddy research and misinformation. Insisting on protection [...]