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Woe is me (and some entertainment)

For some reason my body decided to screw up yesterday. And by “screw up” I mean fast heart beat, sleep problems, nausea etc. Which meant I’ve spent the day in bed. Just because I had some fun yesterday? And by “some fun” I mean going out with Herr Mürberg and six other very cool and relaxed folks from the [...]



Still having a cold. Damn. The concert on Thursday went alright though, thanks to pills and sprays and adrenalin. But, still… Oh, and I forgot to tell you that Fafblog is back! All hail the Glory that is Giblets! Whee!


In which nothing hapends

Here’s four things that just crossed my mind: I just installed Manriva 2008 on a brand new Asus G1S. And it worked perfectly… Whooo! Including the wireless Intel 4965AGN card. Whooo! I have fallen for real now. Yes, yes: I have a Facebook profile. I’m currently listening to Dream Theaters Systematic Chaos. And to my [...]


MLP IX: Random Teapot Operators

Blogging will probably be a bit slower this week again. I’m gearing up to move into my new apartment come next weekend. Thus I need to pack. Badly. But before that, some awesome links: Radioactive decay randomness? Hell yes! Russell’s Teapot. Here. How to do neat tricks with Google. See you later.


‘Tis the season to be silly…

And here comes a small break in posting. Again. Or perhaps it already has started. Oh… I’m confused. In any case, since last I have worked and slept. And also made my first ever performance as a rock/pop singer… Eeeek! You see, Viktor had the good taste of marrying. The band for the night was Indigo, with [...]