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September, 2011 4

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Random bird song, because autumn is here. Why Anton Krupicka Runs Barefoot: The great bank robbery – Global Public Square – Blogs Immune System, Loaded With Remade T-cells, Vanquishes Cancer: [...]



Some light Saturday night etymology anyone? The first time I encountered the word fartlek I was amused that something would turn up in English that is so close to Swedish. Not that the word exists in Swedish, but the composite “fart” and “lek” does mean “speed” and “play”, which I found [...]


Getting Away With It

“Doesn’t this feel like it’s something you shouldn’t be doing? Like this is something forbidden you’re getting away with?” The question is posed by Christopher McDougall as he introduces Brian Fidelman to barfoot running in Central Park, NY. And for some reason the question stuck with me. There’s [...]