Java 8 + Light Weight Threads

The last couple of days I’ve been playing around with Quasar from the fine folks at Parallel Universe. “What’s that then?” I hear you ask. It’s an API and a runtime library that promises light weight threads for the JVM, called Fibers, and all the stuff you can do with that, like light weight channels for message passing, and a nice agent system. The result? A mid-level API for NIO operations on top of XNIO which I’ve called Slick.

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Beer selfie: Fungrims APA batch 3

wpid-IMAG0159.jpgThis is the first impressions of my “house APA” in batch 3, now 3 weeks on bottle. Since I haven’t written any brew report for it, here’s a run-down: It’s a 5.4% ABV single- and dry hop Amarillo on pale ale malt, Münich I and Caraamber. I want to zoom in to a light, easy to drink, Amarillo for the summer months. And I do believe I’m, getting closer.

It pours hazy golden and starts with a massive 4-finger head that slowly dissipates without leaving anything on the sides. Nose is light and fresh Amarillo with hints of cookie-like Münich in the background. Light bodied and semi-dry mouth with a fresh and simple lingering bitterness. Continue reading